Shade Lamp (Light) by Björn Ischi
2012 - 2013, Platinum A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
Inspired by the typical lamp our grandmothers all had in their living room, with the yellowish lampshade and the thick stem, we have created a whole new version of this traditional piece of furniture.
SHADE works without any switch, a simple touch on the “light bulb” is all it takes to dim the luminosity as you wish, or to turn it of. This innovative lamp has a true recognition value and universality; its various facets allow it to appeal to everyone.
Design Challenges
The real challenge of this project was the shape. In fact, it was hard not to copy the shape of the old lamp but to make a new version of it. Once we had found the shape we wanted, it was a challenge to make the lamp stabile enough to stand on its footing.
Production Technology
Because the lamp is made out of 2 walls of 12mm Aluminum, it has to be cut with water-jet technology, and CNC is used to machine-carve the inside of the walls to fit the wires. The lamp is provided with the newest LED technology and a sensor mechanism, which allows you to dim the lighting.
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