Lotus (Bathroom Set) by Tolga BERKAY
2011 - 2012, Platinum A' Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Winner
The inspiration came from the shape of the Lotus flower(Nelumbu Nucifera) and its leaf which is very peculiar in terms of water and dirt repelling.
The idea is to design an object as if an elegant Lotus flower is rising from the water.Again in order to imitate the nature a special coating which has water and dirt repelling property has been applied to the surface of the article.
Design Challenges
MONOBLOCK BASIN: The shape of the object is so that the surface area is very small and there is no connection to the wall.In order to achieve this goal a special assembly part has been developed to connect the basin to the floor.On the other hand special apparatuses have been developed for casting,transportation and firing of the greenware with such small foot area. CLOSE COUPLE: It is a combination of wc pan and monoblock cistern.As the seat area of the wc pan is flat,the wavy appearance was given to the seat.The seat overlaps the wc pan top surface and bearing the waves at the sides which follows the contours of the seat to create an image as if they are one piece.Again the top of the cistern bears the same wavy appearance of the family. BATHTUB: It has similar appearance as basin.The ergonomic features has taken into consideration in internal design.The outer part has been designed so that it hides the joining parts and the foot part without scarifying the overall appearance of the family.
Production Technology
Ceramic sanitaryware:Wash basin,pedestal,WC pan,cistern made of vitreous china or fine fire clay. Acrylic:Bathtubs Bathtub : ( Acyrilic )
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