Small Dogs (Toy) by Salvatore Solito
2011 - 2012, Platinum A' Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Winner
My design it’s emotional and instinctive. The inspiration for my works became from a desire, an emotion or a memory. For this project, the inspiration became from a very special baby, my 3 years old daughter, Giò. Her desire to have a dog were the starting point for a product I realized, putting all the love I feel for her.“you… want a dog?” “ it’s impossible, our house it’s too small, we are always outside, it will be always alone, who will let it out? no no no, you and your mum do not deceive me this time…”. And it's the way DUDU, ETTORE and TOBIA were born.The “Small Dogs” are not only toys. They seem real, they round everywhere at home, you can find them as footrests, they sometimes became bedside tables, they sometimes sneak to the bathroom bringing magazines, they guard the door or watch TV…Dog it’s a toy which become a piece of furniture, you can find everywhere, when the hosts arrive.. it doesn’t hidden itself in the toy box,because otherwise it’s a mess, it is not ashamed to be a toy, it is dignified in manners, in colors and materials, it can stay in the living-room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom.
Unique is the sentiment which inspired the object and urged my instinctive creativity, my daughter’s desire for a dog. Normally, I put attention to the little things, little daily needs, little emotions, in this way I create healthy, pure and simple objects, aimed at the satisfaction of children and pleasantly useful for adults. Unique is the way to make the three-dimensional figure of the dog, through layers that are assembled and to give a touch of irony to the object.
Design Challenges
The most difficult aspect of the design was to find the right balance and harmony of proportion in the measures of the Small Dogs, which had to be close as possible to the a real small dog, of a breed can stay fit at home. Over this, and over finding a right balance between the three races, it was not easy to study a design shape, that could be recognized as a piece of furniture and not only typical of a toy. It had to be simple and elegant, right also for the living rooms.
Production Technology
Small Dog is shaped by numeric control machines, which cut the material, creating what I designed by CAD software. 5 pieces assembled only by wooden plugs: no screws, no bolts, no metal parts. Originally, I chose lacquered wood as raw material, but it can be played in a lot of different materials.
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