9440 Rals (Area Lighting System) by Neil Walker
2011 - 2012, Platinum A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
Following the success of the 9430 LED battery powered area work light, we wanted to design a product which would give the user the ability to run with product, also the product to offer full deployment in under 20seconds whilst offering high light output at over 2meters.
The 9440 RALS belongs to Peli´s Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) family of portable, self-contained, rechargeable LED area lights that can go where bulky, gasoline-powered lights can't. The RALS lineup makes a technological leap over conventional incandescent area lighting. These outdated systems are powered by noisy, polluting, fuel-driven generators that emit toxic fumes and heat, posing serious safety problems on job sites. In stark contrast, RALS offer users the ability to illuminate a large work area without the fuel consumption, noise and air pollution associated with today’s industrial diesel generator-powered lighting towers that use energy-zapping outdated light bulb technology. Key Features and Benefits of the 9440 RALS include: • Free-standing, streamlined tripod design, for easy deployment • Convenient, one-motion setup and breakdown in seconds • Compact and space-saving, only 94 cm long when stowed • Lightweight and portable, just 7,3 kg. • Telescoping light mast extends LED height to 213 cm, to clear obstacles • Mobile, fully articulated lighting array shines light wherever it’s needed • Next-generation 10-LED unit provides 2,400 lumens of clean brilliant light in high mode, 1,200 lumens in low • Powerful and efficient LEDs, for a run-time of up to 6 hours in low mode and 3 hours in high • Powered by a self-contained, maintenance-free, rechargeable NiMH battery system • Fuel-free and cordless operation, with no noisy and polluting generators
Design Challenges
The hardest part of the design was meeting the high criteria whilst also having to be stable in all environments, and under 7kg in product weight.
Production Technology
The product is produced & manufactured 100 percent in the United Kingdom. Using the latest electronic pick and placement machines our control boards and light engines are produced in the North West of the UK. The plastic components of the product are produced using the latest 200-tone injection moldings machines. The result of using this latest high quality machinery is a excellent finished, high quality product, strong enough to with stand the harshest of environments.
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