Leon Megé La Petite Collection (Necklace/Pendant/Charm) by Leon Megé
2011 - 2012, Platinum A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
A customer who was working for an international charitable organization couldn't wear her ring daily due to perils of travel to remote locations. She wanted to keep the memory of her fiancé close to her at all times.
La Petite is an unprecedented collection of pendants/charms designed to look like miniature engagement rings. They are 10 mm in diameter and made with the same quality and precision as actual sized rings, using platinum, diamonds and natural gemstones. Some of La Petites feature micro pave and all are presented in unique combinations of gem colors and cuts. They are intended to be collectible and come with a Certificate of Authenticity as well as an edition number.
Design Challenges
Handmade engagement rings featuring micro pave settings are a difficult task in itself. When the rings are so small it makes the task of precision and quality to ensure integrity of the design ever more difficult. Each ring consists of 10-20 individual parts that must be made and assembled using microscopes. Setting the stone in such a small mounting require a steady hand, extreme caution and attention to detail. Another challenge is molding the consumer's opinion of the true value of a miniature ring.
Production Technology
Platinum, yellow and pink gold, colored and white diamonds, colored gemstones. Completely handmade (without using CAD/CAM) with featuring micro pave settings and diamonds of varying shapes, colors, and sizes. Created with traditional jeweler's tools and set under a microscope.
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