Fineland Heshan Community Center (Recreation) by Studio Revo
2019 - 2020, Platinum A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The main design elements of the club are based on traditional Chinese handheld fans. An abstract interpretation of fan leaves defines the background of the lobby which, complemented by lighting effects, projects a simple yet unified space, imbued with a profound visual hierarchy. The hallway is also shaped by an abstraction of disassembled fan leaves that allow natural light in and create vivid spatial changes. The wine cabinets of the party room further assimilate elements from the representative Chinese object, blending in aesthetics and practical functions to provide a complete and unified design effect.
The restaurant comes from the graceful shape of eaves found in traditional Chinese architecture. Stainless steel materials integrate the ceiling, producing a modern atmosphere with a strong visual impact. Walls are built with green-gray toned bricks such as the ones used in ancient Chinese architecture. These are further complemented by transparent glass surfaces that bring natural light into the space and create a pleasant atmosphere for patrons. A magnificent revolving door welcomes guests at the entrance, presenting paintings of ancient trees found in traditional Chinese culture on every door page. As such, this element provides practical functionality and complements the overall theme of the restaurant.
Design Challenges
The integration of honored tradition and modern aesthetics gives elements of the past a completely new meaning in harmony with contemporary lifestyles. Design proper walkways, divide spaces into two areas, deploy deconstruction techniques through the use of arcades, as well as define novel structures that soften the impact of high spaces. Large slopes, considerable level differences, structural irregularities. Inspired by the shape of eaves found in traditional Chinese architecture, modern methods and materials are used to process spaces and turn them into design highlights.
Production Technology
Marble, stainless steel, blue brick, cloth, process glass, wood veneer, hand painted murals
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